Sunday, January 15, 2012

TKP - illegal renovation

To all unit owner,


Referring to the above subject, we have found out that there are few units have been renovated without Property Management’s approval which does not comply with the house rules and original drawing plan.

For your information, the renovation without the authority approval will have affected the Strata Title application whereby the rule states that the unit should be as it is to where and what in reference to the original plan.

Therefore, JMB Taman Kumbar Permai declares no responsibilities or accountabilities to the consequence of the non-compliance. We would like to advise the owners to consult with the Management or local authority before embarking on renovation to avoid undesirable trouble in the future.

Thanks and regards

Kamaruzaman bin Suradi

Pengerusi, JMB Taman Kumbar Permai

Monday, January 9, 2012

KTMB - electrified double track project ...

It is great pleasure and honor for me to be associated with currently in progressed KTMB Electrified Double Track project for Ipoh - Padang Besar's phase. I was involved in sub project e.g relocating two unit of 275kv TNB transmission tower which crossed the track. The project was awarded to PESB a KL based company. The most critical and risky moment was when we are working barely distance away from the 275kv live span on the other arm (we always maintained the minimum and safe distance set by TNB)
Against all odds we managed to complete the project in due time with zero accident, zero tripping and zero complain.
All the workers, especially those climbed and works up the tower deserved a very big applause and rewards.