Monday, June 29, 2009


Sepatah Kata dari Pengerusi,

AS WE commemorate our 7th. Annual General Meeting, it is time for both Resident Association (PPTKP) and its approximate 2000 residents to see how we can further contribute in our respective ways to ensure Taman Kumbar Permai becomes a residential and community of choice.
I am honored and privileged to have served PPTKP – two terms as an elected Chairman followed by a committee member of JKKK Teluk Kumbar appointed by Penang Chief Minister in 2008.
While we can take pride in our past achievements, it is also appropriate for us to look at our present shortcomings and address them so that our dreams, hopes and aspirations can be attained. There are many challenges that lie ahead for PPTKP and the Residents to turn Taman Kumbar Permai to a better, clean, safe, conducive, peace and harmony residential area. Current issues of concern include:
> Ensure good relation, cooperation and understanding amongst the residents as well as to the neighborhoods.
> Developing a good maintenance culture and belonging where public amenities are properly taken cared.
> Continued efforts to ensure Strata Title obtained and apparently to take charge of the property maintenance and management.
> Continued efforts to ensure the formation of Joint Management Board (JMB)
The residents should help ensure the residential cleanliness by refraining from throwing litter indiscriminately. Do not vandalise or cause damage to public amenities. Also, get involved in more voluntary activities such as gotong-royong to foster good relationship and togetherness. This is also one effective way to affirmed the Malay verse “Bersatu Kita Teguh Bercerai Kita Roboh”
Much not only depends on the PPTKP and their committees but also all the earnest participation of all concerned young, old, man, women, and the entire residents. Eventually, we must build a sense of belonging, love and pride of our Taman Kumbar Permai – A “Permai” Place for All.

Kamaruzaman bin Suradi,
PPTKP Chairman
This is an article I have send to The Star and Harakah (english edition)but unfortunately only been highlighted in the Harakah

Tired of the laxity against dodgy developers

Wednesday, June 22 @ 09:48:22 MYT

by Kamaruzaman Suradi
President PPTKP, Penang

It is time for the government to take effective measures against errant developers.

For decades, these developers have been taking advantage of house buyers by delaying Certificates of Fitness (CF) and Strata Title application. The delay is only benefit developers.
Contribution from home owners to the sinking fund can rich million of ringgit, providing developers with a steady source of income to be mismanaged.
Delaying strata title application is also a way to avoid paying Land Surveyors Board’s surveying fees.
If the developers is liquidated or becomes insolvent before the strata title obtained, house owners may have to pay for the application of the strata titles themselves.
Although part of the problem comes from the local authorities having separate regulatory departments to vet CF applications and the land office not having enough staff to expedite the processing of strata title application, the real reason is the lack of action taken against errant developers.
In theory, the CF should be obtained before the keys are handed over to the house buyers and strata title application filed within six months of obtaining the CFs.
Developers who fail to comply with the by-laws will be penalized. However, in practice, how many developers have been taken to task for defying the requirement?
The recently amended Housing Act increased the penalties on errant developers and extended the authority of enforcement officials but what good will it do if no enforcement is taken in the first place?
The law should require developers to submit application for strata titles when they apply for building plan approvals for stratified units to ensure that strata titles were issued at the same time as the certificate of fitness (CF)
Those entrusted with upholding the law – from the officers right up to the minister should step down or be removed for not doing their jobs.
Enforcement should start 30 years ago, but better late than never. Let’s start today.

Kamaruzaman bin Suradi
Persatuan Penduduk Taman Kumbar Permai
Teluk Kumbar, Penang.