Saturday, May 23, 2009

Are you looking for competant HT Chargeman?

If you are looking for HT Chargeman for northern region to supervise, coordinate your project do call me at 019-4560110. Kamaruzaman.

I am doing freelance and already involved in many TNB project.
To name a few; Demolish of 275/132KV TX and related acc at Prai Power Station, Installation of Capacitor Bank at 275KV Yard Prai power Station, relocation of 33KV s/gear and Acc to permanent room at PMU Bayan Lepas, Installation of 275/132/33KV at Prai Power Station, Installation of 33KV link and lightning arrestor at Bukit Raya PPU, Kedah. and many more.

As we know, all TNB jobs which involve installation of 11KV and above required to be supervise by Competent Chargemen to represent Service Engineer at site. Without Chergeman around job cannot be proceed.

So to avoid these hassle be prepared and appoint yr HT Chargeman before you could start any TNB's jobs.

kamaruzaman bin suradi
HT Chargeman